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Aaisyah buli Ammar - Episod 2

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Meet the Family

Rozita Che Wan
Rozita Che Wan

Rozita Che Wan

Glamour | Cougar | Fashionista

•Age  : 44
•DOB  : 9th March 1973
•Profession  : Businesswoman, Actress, Host
•Origin  : Alor Setar

•Nickname  :
1.Che Ta (Family and Friends)
2.Sayang (Husband)
•Loves anything that Blings
•Favorite Song: Ziana Zain songs
•Dislike animals, especially snakes
•Ratu Cantik - Miss Malaysia-Intercontinental 1992
•Dream car: Bentley Sport

•Does not care what people think about her, really cares about her family, love to share her luxurious and fabulous lifestyle on her social media
Zain Saidin
Zain Saidin

Zain Saidin

•Age  : 33
•DOB  : 23rd February 1984
•Profession  : Actor, Businessman
•Origin  : Kuala Lumpur

•Nickname  :
1.Zain (Friends)
2.The Pain (Family)
3.Sayang (Wife)

•Very romantic and ‘manja’ with Che Ta
•Love watching movies
•Favorite animal: Ular
•Favorite Song: Lil Wayne; Lollipop
•Founder: Zapatos – Shoes and apparels company
Ammar Effendy
Ammar Effendy

Ammar Effendy

•Age  : 21
•DOB  : 28th September 1996
•Profession  : Student / Founder of   Ammar Effendy Clothing
•Origin  : Ampang, Selangor

•Nickname  : Ammar

•Passionate to become a successful businessman especially in fashion / clothing
•Loves watching movie and going to the Gym (Abang Sado)
•Favorite Animal: Harimau Bintang
•Can’t live without mobile connection
•Favorite Song: Tyga dan Justin Bieber
Aniq Ezra
Aniq Ezra

Aniq Ezra

•Age  : 18
•DOB  : 10th December 1998
•Profession  : Student
•Origin  : Selangor

•Nickname  : Aniq

•Love to complain, self-proclaimed lazy person, but always act cool and chill
•A bit shy especially when with new people
•Favorite animal: Gekco
•Favorite Song: Drake – controlla
•Hobbies: Drums, Football, Futsal